Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recovering and Taking it Easy

Just a quick update - since my race on 8/23, I have really been doing...the very thing I should be doing. Resting, sleeping, keeping my exercises to a minimum. For the first two weeks after the race, I got on the bike and span for like 45 minutes twice, went swimming once, and then focused on stretching and started some strength training again. I slept 9-10 hours when I could, especially on the weekends. I kinda splurged on some yummy food to treat myself. All in all, I feel great and I am ready to start again. This past Friday, I went on my first quick run in over two weeks - my legs felt refreshed and i could tell it was ready to train again for my next half-marathon (probably in January 2009).

My goal for the next two weeks is to continue on the moderate/easy spins and runs, and start swimming again more regularly. nothing intense, just something I can ease myself into.

Thinking ahead of my next racing season - I'm thinking Lavaman in Kona (March, Olympic distance), NYC Triathlon (July, Olympic distance), and then a half ironman in October/November (undecided which race).

It's Sunday afternoon, I'm getting some work done in the office but I thought I'd give an update real quick about my life after the big race. It's all about resting, being lazy when i want to and easing slowly back into training.

My health is just unbelievably good. I am so grateful and I can't even believe it sometimes. But i also know that i need to keep moving forward and not settle where i am right now - when I am better i often go back to my old/bad habits and get myself in trouble again, so I have to make sure that i don't lose track of my routine, while still allowing some room for myself to let go once in a while. I'm not a robot :)

Hope you are all getting better, bit by bit, day by day...