Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being Grateful

I am grateful, despite feeling a little tired and achy today.

Yesterday, i had the privilege of talking to a wonderful lady in Boston, who just completed her first 5k run in July and is going for her second one this weekend. We shared our experiences in our battle against fibromyalgia and our journey to finding our health and building our strength to do things we never thought was possible. Meeting and talking to these wonderful people makes me so happy about what I do, and although i'm having rather a painful day at home, I am smiling. I know today will pass and so will the pain. I am just happy to know that somebody is reading this out there and feeling encouraged to stay active, be positive and continue fighting the good fight.

It is amazing how we can find connection among perfect strangers. To all the readers out there, I am encouraged by your words, your courage and spirit. Thank you so much for being my light in my dark days, so that I can be your light in your dark days.

Last thing to note, i did manage to go out for a quick 35minute run yesterday, and it felt awesome (although it was a bit nippy at 6am).:)

Pain is temporary. Joy in your heart is permanent.

God Bless.**