Tuesday, December 9, 2008

There are bad days, but there are also Good Days!

I ran easy for 40 minutes today. I felt pretty good, although left hip was hurting more than the right hip (usually it's the right one that bothers me), and left ankle was showing some sharp pains occasionally. I stretched after the run just to make sure i was addressing those pain issues. I was suprised at how i didn't get exhausted by the 20th minute, because i remembered the struggle i experienced last week.

This past Saturday I ran/walked 5 miles, more like 6 including warm up and cool down, and perhaps that helped me build better endurance although I was stuggling after mile 3 with both hips and calves screaming for rest. I was very exhausted and fatigued at mile 3.5 or so, was regretting not bringing Cytomax with me (just brought plain water), but I powered through and had a long cool down, just to make the mileage. I wasn't as sore the next day, in fact i ended up standing around for 6 hours volunteering at a half-marathon event, but it was good to be out there and get some positive energy from so many runners. On Monday, however, I couldn't dare to run like I was supposed to because that was when the soreness kicked in. I took the day off and I ran today instead (so i'm skipping one bike session this week), and i think the rest yesterday helped.

I gotta look into the left hip pain and make sure that is figured out before I go out and run again. Nothing some foam rolling and icing can't fix, I hope.

Training plan for this week:
Tues: Run Easy 40 mins (not including warm up for 10 minutes and cool down for 5, for all workouts)
Wed: Power Plate / Strength training
Thurs: Run Moderate (a little faster/harder than today) 30 mins with drills afterwards
Fri: Bike Moderate 40 mins on trainer
Sat: Run/Walk 7 miles, Conversational pace (I think it's 7, but it might be 6)
Sun: Rest (will probably do pilates, core exercises, etc)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

** Some days are bad - today is that day **

What a lousy training day i had this morning.

I was supposed to run at a moderate pace (about 7-8 difficulty/exertion out of a 10 scale) for 30 minutes. I just couldn't run at that pace for any longer than 5 minutes. My legs felt heavy, my head was foggy, I was miserable. I think people driving and running by me could see the misery on my face (nearing breakout into a sob). I was feeling quite discouraged but remembered that every day is different and even the pros have days like this where their body feels like it's someone else's.

I ended up pretty much jogging for like 25 minutes, and walked 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after. Well, better than nothing. At least I got up and tried. I feel lame and yet justified all at the same time. Eh, what can I do about it. Move on.

Tomorrow is moderate bike on the trainer for 30 minutes. That should be better, because cycling is usally easier than running :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

** Patientslikeme.com Launches Fibromyalgia Community Site **


I've joined patientslikeme.com and put up my profile. The website, which has been receiving some great accolades for their existing patient communities (ALS, MS, etc), is launching a community site for fibromyalgia, based on great demand from fellow patients out there! How exciting is that - this proves so many positive things surrounding the illness, some of them being increased awareness and the growing "validity" of the illness in the medical community. This is a great website for us to share not just our personal info and experience, but treatment, medication and symptom history with others in a nice little visibly effective chart that allows you and others to track your progress. I'm still working on building my history, which I expect to show a very interesting progress chart (less medications, less treatments and less symptoms over the years!). I'm a stats/numbers geek so when I see things like this I have to admit I do get a bit too excited. Anyway, I encourage you to check it out and register!!!! My profile is http://www.patientslikeme.com/members/view/minnielee

Also, I don't know how many people are going to read this today, but there is going to be a section in CBS Evening News tonight at 630pm featuring PatientsLikeMe...check it out...you might discover a little surprise...

One last bit - I did my moderate bike for 30 minutes on the trainer this morning. I felt ok, legs are still feeling pretty heavy and slow. Right hip and back are kind of killing, but i'm stretching them out all day long. I really am working towards losing about 7-10 pounds. Losing the load off my muscles and joints would help me greatly with running long distances - right now i'm just lugging around too much for too long! Tomorrow is 5 miles, easy...long...boring...easy but not really easy training day it will be and i'm really looking forward to it!

** Winter = Post Season = Half Marathon Training **

It's been way too long since my last update. Not much to report except that I have completed my base training stage for my half-marathon training - running/walking easy and long 3 times a week, for about 2 months. I combined some cycling and yoga/pilates to break the absolute boredom that comes from running.

After the triathlon season is over (Spring, Summer) it is so easy to just fall into the trap of doing nothing and eating poorly. Well, eating poorly at times I did, but i made sure that i didn't stop exercising completely. Winter time is the best time to focus on your weakest area, which for me is the run.

My half-marathon race is on Feb 1st, Super Bowl Sunday. It will be at Huntington Beach, CA. Last year I did a 5-k at this race when i was just starting to recover from my hip injury. This year I will make a comeback by completing the half-marathon...in fact, this is where I did my first half-marathon two years ago, which led to my grueling year-long hip problem. This should be interesting.

Tomorrow's training is moderate run for 30 minutes. Then Friday moderate bike for 30 minutes. Saturday is the big 5-miler on a relatively easy pace (i will get bored, but i will think of post-run food enjoyments). Sunday is REST DAY, as it should be.

Stay strong and positive, people - i know it is hard but we just...have to at the end.