Thursday, December 4, 2008

** Some days are bad - today is that day **

What a lousy training day i had this morning.

I was supposed to run at a moderate pace (about 7-8 difficulty/exertion out of a 10 scale) for 30 minutes. I just couldn't run at that pace for any longer than 5 minutes. My legs felt heavy, my head was foggy, I was miserable. I think people driving and running by me could see the misery on my face (nearing breakout into a sob). I was feeling quite discouraged but remembered that every day is different and even the pros have days like this where their body feels like it's someone else's.

I ended up pretty much jogging for like 25 minutes, and walked 5 minutes before and 5 minutes after. Well, better than nothing. At least I got up and tried. I feel lame and yet justified all at the same time. Eh, what can I do about it. Move on.

Tomorrow is moderate bike on the trainer for 30 minutes. That should be better, because cycling is usally easier than running :)

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