Saturday, March 22, 2008

** Two 5k Runs, First Outdoor Bike Ride, and Strength Training **

Finally, I have a moment to sit down and catch up...

It has been a very busy last several months - work has been non-stop, and it has been challenging for me to maintain my health while juggling work, physical therapy and training. So far, I can't complain. Here are some of the things I've been doing regularly, which I believe have helped me maintain a relatively steady state:

1. Vitamins - i've been taking multivitamins almost every day.
2. Fruit/Antioxidant shake for breakfast: This is a new thing i've been implementing. For the past month or so, I have been making healthy shakes for breakfast - it contains 1 cup of blackberry (i'm allergic to blueberries), 1 cup of milk, a banana, and two scoops of Omega Mix ( and a scoop of Greenergy ( After yoga or a workout in the morning, there is nothing better than this shake that recharges me with carbohydrates and antioxidants. As many of you know, Omega 3 is a key anti-inflammatory nutrient. This shake tastes great and does great things for me.
3. Sleeping aid: Pharmanex's Night Time Formula and Energyfirst's Sleep Aid ( have both been helpful.

4. Yoga and Swimming: on days when my muscles feel tight and stiff, either one of these is what i do, no questions asked. Before, I used to choose to do nothing and just lie down when my muscles felt weak and stiff - i learned that doing Yoga for about 45 minutes really helps release whatever i have been holding in my muscles, a far wiser choice than just lying down. Swimming has been great for my rehab, and helped me facilitate my hip recovery.

On Feb 3 (super bowl sunday) and Feb 23, I run/walked a 5k event. I could only do run/walk intervals, but i still felt great after finishing a race. The good news is that these 5k events didn't set me back at all - my hip was tight and i felt fatigue in some areas, but I recovered quickly and I wasn't hurting at all! I have to thank Dianna Linden, my super sports massage therapist (, who has not only been getting rid of the kinks in my stubborn, tired muscles, but also been amazingly helpful in guiding me through an active recovery process. All I had to do was adhere to her guidance as to what to do and what NOT to do while still training. Thanks to her, I am officially off physical therapy, and I am kicking off my official training season. Thank you Dianna!

I am still stretching and icing EVERY DAY. I have made it a point to stretch every morning when i get up, even when I am not training. I have learned that my muscles take more to recover from a workout, my muscles need more care than others - if you are a fibromyalgia patient and exercising regularly, i highly recommend active stretching. Yes, ACTIVE, proactive stretching. Stretch before and after a workout. Stretch when you are watching TV. Stretch when you are not doing anything.

So...I have just started my full-season strength training program with Phase IV ( I guess i can say that i have replaced physical therapy with strength training sessions - always something new to do! Seriously, years of running and cycling have used up my muscles, and little did i know that I needed to do enough strength training to replenish my muscle losses. I was just piling up mileage on weakening muscles! Having learned my lesson the hard way, I have committed to learning how to do adequate strength training to get me prepared for longer runs and rides. I will have more updates on this over the next month or two.

Last update but not least, I finally was able to go on my first outdoor bike ride today - the first in MONTHS since the 2nd coming of my hip injury in November. It was only 20 miles, at a very humbling 13mile/hr average. My back was a bit challenged and I was hurting here and there, but overall i survived it and I stretched like crazy and iced afterwards. I hope to get up to 17-18 mph on flats in the next two months, without compromising the heart rate (stay at 120-130 bpm). I have a lot of work cut out for me, i know. It is a bit discouraging to see myself spinning so slowly even at my best, but I am just starting to build up again so I have to just get through this. I have the next 12 weeks to just be patient and keep going, building a strong base.

There is a lot going on, and there is a lot i need to focus on. The main focus is to maintain consistent and patient. I appreciate every small improvement on a day to day basis - however, i do have days when i feel so small and slow and pathetic, just struggling not to stay bed-ridden. At the end, we all have to keep going forward. I have many people that encourage me to keep going - so thank you! Your emails have been such a HUGE motivation for me.

OH I almost forgot - please check out for more inspiration - this woman, Sirena, is embarking on an amazingly courageous journey. You MUST read it to find out! I am so inspired by her courage and determination, and I am hoping to join her in one of her hikes. :) Please give her your support!!!!

I promise not to take so long to give the next update... hope everyone is doing well.

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Anonymous said...

Hi I have fibro too, i was diagnosed at johns hopkin sin 2005.
i just completed my 1st 5k - time of 30.36 to you think this is a good time for someone with the condtion, i was alittle disappointed. im 42 m

i do more weights than running, train on elipitcal exclusively