Monday, November 2, 2009

Half Marathon Training begins TODAY

Signed up for another half marathon in February. The Surf City Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday. This year's goal is to really finish it without any stopping or walking. Run the entire race, injury-free. THAT IS MY GOAL.

First day of training today - easy 30 minutes run. Warmed up for a good 10 minutes leading up to it. Kept it at 12 min/mile pace, slowing down a little towards the end at some inclines. It was pretty tiring!

Today, right hip flexor is struggling, so is my lower back. One of those days. but I still ran. Feels worse when i'm sitting. Once again, WE ARE NOT MADE TO BE SITTING ALL DAY IN FRONT OF A COMPUTER. We are supposed to be moving.

More specific training plans to come. I have some serious conditioning regimes to follow in addition to the running plans. This I know will keep me from being injured again and again and again...

Also contemplating on a Full Aquabike race in July 2010, basically it's a full Ironman triathlon race without the full Marathon - 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike. It should be a great prelude to a full ironman the following year. I know it's weird, but this stuff excites me, I have something to look forward to and work hard for!!!

God bless*


Anonymous said...

hey minnie

keeep up the good work
i have fibro-- I am 43 male for 4 yrs. I a competing in the nautica south beach tri april 2010, far as I know you and I are the only two people doing tri's!!! I am inspired by you. fibroman43

Minnie S. Lee said...

hi fibroman 43! there are a few of us triathletes out there with fibromyalgia, isn't that amazing?? thanks for the generous comment - have a great time in South Beach! I might do the half IM there one of these days.... your efforts are encouraging!!!!