Monday, July 4, 2011

Definitely Not the Ideal...but Doing What I Can

I'm seriously thinking about the recent ramp-up on my training and its effect on my body.

I have been experiencing pretty strong flare-ups and stiffness every day after a workout, even when it is not a long/hard workout day.  On top of that, my ankles and calves have gotten extremely tight, despite my continuous bodywork and strengthening moves.  

Since the right foot freak injury I'm slowly catching back up to longer rides...but will not get there until the end of this week, if all goes as planned.  So far, nothing has really gone as planned.

Don't get me wrong - I've reached a few milestones.  My first 65 mile ride, my first 4,000 meter swim...they are all great.  I slowly started to get back into running as well.  On the flip side, my body's responses to them have been so severe that I feel like every week I'm starting over again.

While I will continue to go by my training plans (albeit modified several times already), I will also be very cautious about my body's reactions.  Perhaps there is some kind of distance and intensity threshold that I need to learn of.  Perhaps not.  I'm in guinea pig mode.

I'm trying not to get greedy - if I am doing all this for my health, I cannot take this to a point where my health is actually deteriorating.  However, I don't want to give up prematurely either.  So I'm closely monitoring my body.  It's been a challenge, and it's frustrating and stressful, but I still enjoy the moments of reaching my milestones, and for that I am grateful.

The future is unknown, so I focus on the present.  

Happy 4th of July everyone!  


Tricie said...

You are an inspiration.

Graceful Lady said...

What a poignant blog post. You know Minnie, the lessons that we learn are lessons that everyone can learn. The need to listen to one's body and not push beyond the threshold is something ever body needs to do. We have bodies that raise its hand and say whoa baby pay attention. You know how to embrace the gift you have been given and be a beacon of light and learning for everyone. I love the phrase guinea pig mode. Continue to listen to your body and do all you can but also be mindful of what your body is telling you. You are a m a z i n g! I love how you said since you are doing this for your health it is so important to make sure your health is not deteriorating.

LaVonne said...

You have such a great attitude - thank you for posting! You're right - you can't give up yet! But if it does not happen this year, there is always next.

Fibromyalgia Guide said...

Wow! That is an inspirational to a lot of us. No matter what condition you have you do not allow it to swallow you. Doing what you can to the best that you can do is an inspiration to others to do the same. The illness should not hinder anyone to pursue what they need to.

jayjay said...

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