Saturday, December 29, 2007

**Quick Update and...Happy New Year!**

Two days ago, I got a Blood Lactate Test done at Phase IV (, my future personal training facility. It basically is a test of my blood in various workout intensity stages on the bike, which shows what is happening inside my body during exercise, and provides the data to create accurate heart-rate training zones. This is supposed to allow for 100% productivity from my workouts and maximizes fitness outcomes. I decided to take this test because i have always had higher-than-average heart rate. The examiner suggested that I focus on training longer for now at low intensity. I'm supposed to wait a week to get all the nitty gritty of the exam, so I'll share that with you when i get it. I've decided to train smart and be injury-free in 2008, so this is my first step toward my resolution!

So.... today, for the first time in months I will do a semi-brick to add to my workout duration. I will do my running program (now doing 4 mins run x 2 mins walk, 3 times) and then jump in the pool for a 30 minute easy swimming (mostly drills). Then I will do nothing but rest and eat healthy for the rest of the day. It's always after the workouts when i overextend myself and run errands or go out with friends I turn into a pumpkin the next day. I know that i have plans to go out with friends both Sunday and Monday so I have to save my energy up for those two days. Planning ahead is one thing i learned from managing my energy levels...people take our daily activities for granted, but man do we (FM patients) know how hard it is to even get all our errands done on the weekends.

For the next week, my work out will be continuing the running program at 4'x2' 3 times (10 minute warm up and 5 minute cool-down, please don't forget warm up and cool down!), mixed with some spinning (upgrate to 60-75 minutes, easy) and swimming. And of course do the daily stretches and strength exercises. Hopefully, once I pass this level of running I will start 5 minutes of running 4 times next week, and on and on...

The year is coming to an end - and a new year is beginning. I wish you all very happy new year and continuing healing in your lives. Thank you for everyone that has been sending me emails to keep me encouraged and thankful. You all keep me motivated and inspired! I pray for your health, happiness and courage to keep fighting this nasty nemesis, but also remember that we have the power to control this illness even if it is to a limited degree.

Ok, off i go to the gym... Hope you are going for a walk around your neighborhood today!

*God Bless*

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