Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I have more updates to write, but I just finished reading this article about Lyrica and Fibromyalgia in the NY Times.
All I want to say is that, if anybody thinks this illness is not real, read my blog and tell me how a *fake* condition could so often stop a healthy-living person from going to work and doing things as menial as running errands and walking down the stairs. And I know i speak for many patients out there that spend every waking moment of their lives planning healthy eating, exercising, resting and remaining positive despite the challenges we face. If they were fake, a simple declaration of "I'm not sick" would do.
I just have to laugh at those who look at this condition with arrogance and ignorance.
If anything, I thank God for allowing me to share the bad and good experiences with my fellow patients through giving me an illness as complicated as fibromyalgia. Today I am writing with more conviction in my heart that this (racing, training and raising fibromyalgia awareness) is what i was born and raised to do.
Fight on everyone! Keep up the good work, and may God bless you all. More physical therapy/training updates to come.

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