Thursday, January 17, 2008

Swimming, Swimming and Swimming

My hip/back is still suffering from weakness and severe tightness and i'm tired of it and I will end it soon. I've started working with an amazing massage therapist who is knowledgable in physical therapy and sports injuries as well. She treated me for a whopping 2.5 hours last week (that's how bad perhaps my conditions are, little did i know) and we got maybe 1/4 of the problem solved. However, i feel so much better on my right hip that now my left hip feels relatively tighter. She is exactly what my long-injured, tired and weakened muscles needed. Needless to say, i'm going back to her soon.

The slightly ramped up training with the run/walks and longer spinning caused my hip muscles to tighten up again and caused a lot of pain. I was basically repeating the vicious cycle of improvement, setback, improvement, then setback... So lately i've shifted my focus on to swimming, which is my only choice as of now. So here's my sample schedule of the week:

Monday: rest day
Tuesday: Brisk walk, 20 minutes. Strength training
Wednesday: Brisk walk (20 minutes), Swim (25-30 minutes)
Thursday: Stretching, Strength training
Friday: Brisk walk (20 minutes), Swim (30-35 minutes)
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: Brisk walk (20 minutes), Swim 45 minutes
**stretch always before and after, and icing after workouts!**

Next week after my second massage/muscle scuplting treatment, I am hopeful I will be able to start getting on the bike again.

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