Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week 1 Sample Training Schedule

Today is my first rest day. After training Monday and Tuesday, I was feeling exhausted starting about 3pm yesterday. It wasn't a bad exhaustion, it was purely from working out two days in a row, where my muscles were sore (but like a good sore, not painful sore) and I could hear my body saying "ok, time for a break." This is what my week is looking like so far, with regards to training:

Mon: Bike 25 mins, Swim 35 mins
Tues: Bike 25 mins, Yoga 50 mins
Wed: Rest Day
Thurs: Strength Training (probably about an hour), Swim 40-45 mins
Fri: Rest Day
Sat: 5k run/walk (will use this event as training run)
Sun: Swim 60 mins (that is the goal, but it could be 45- 50 mins)

Next week I'm going to add another strength training session somewhere, and try to see if i can bike for more than 30 minutes on the trainer without any back/hip pain. On the days i'm doing Yoga or strength training, I am trying to add a bit of cardio via swimming. I've deliberatly chosen Friday as rest day this week because I wanted to make sure I make it to the 5k event on Saturday. In the future rest days may be on Mondays and Thursdays, especially as I start riding long rides in the weekends. Once I get the hang of what my body can handle, I'll sit down with a trainer and actually have a full schedule I can keep for the next 4-5 months leading up to the Santa Barbara Long Course event. Just the thought of it is very very exciting.


katiejane said...

I have been told a couple things that I am wondering if they are true or not. You seem to have a different experience, so I would like to hear what your understanding is. First, I have been told that fibromyalgics "start every day new" due to "excercize intolerance" and that we can't build up more ability to excercize - certainly different than what you are doing! Second, I have been told that fibromyalgics should only do "non-purposeful" excercize - not trying to build up strength and endurance....also not what you are doing.

Can you comment on your understanding of how all this works? I am truiong to begin running/walking daily, but I will admit that sometimes I limp for days afterwards.



Minnie S. Lee said...

Hi Katie -

Thank you for reading my blog. I understand your concerns, as I have gone through a similar stage of believing what doctors and doubters used to tell me.

From a personal experience and based on what I have learned about muscle recovery, I know for sure that FM patients do have the ability to grow muscle strength endurance - we don't start every day new. Because of our sleep apnea issues, yes, muscle recovery after a work out is difficult, and that's why I take natural sleep supplements to make sure I achieve REM sleep.

As I have mentioned many times, we need to invest a good amount of time gradually building tolerance. It takes better planning and patience to achieve exercise goals. Yoga and stretching have contributed hugely to my ability to recover from muscle tightness caused by exercise.

Doctors are not in a position to encourage patients to take on challenging activities - that would be a huge legal risk for them! However, I would say what you call *non-purposeful* exercise would be a great place to start. I will tell you, it's not like I don't feel pain, but I manage it by stretching diligently before and after exercises, and by sleeping well to ensure maximum muscle recovery.

You will hear many things from many people - I usually don't believe in theories that limit our ability to live normal lives. It takes work, and it is harder that way, but I believe the choices I have made have made my life more purposeful and fulfilling.

You will read throughout my blog how I limp so often after a hard workout - but after recovery I do get stronger! :)

God bless,

Lorena said...

Well said.