Monday, June 16, 2008

My First Brick Workout in Over A Year

Can this be true? After a strenuous brick workout yesterday, I am feeling pretty decent!!

A Brick workout is where you combine two of the three legs of a triathlon, in order to condition our muscles to get used to switching from one sport to another. The most common one is the Bike to Run brick, because it is usually the hardest on your legs to make the switch from Bike to Run. Yesterday I did my first brick, risking feeling some serious level of pain this morning. I spent 90 minutes on the bike (on the trainer, so it was non-stop spinning, no coasting or stopping like you would usually do on a road ride), then changed into running gear and jogged/walked (usually 3 minute jog/1 minute walk intervals) for about 25 minutes. In the beginning of the run I actually felt pretty good, but towards the 15-20 minute mark my legs started to feel quite fatigued. I tried to sprint towards the end but at that point my heart rate was over 171, so I had to cool down. My runs are still weak, and I need to focus on that over the next couple of weeks.

After the brick, I stretched diligently for 20 minutes, iced my back, upper quads and hip, rested for a couple of hours. While I was resting I drank a carbohydrate/potassium drink, ate protein rich foods to help muscle recovery and drank a ton of water. After that I stretched again, then took a hot epsom salt bath. I was dead scared that if i didn't take all measures possible (to my limited knowledge), I would end up waking up with unbearable pain the next day. And I had a long Monday to deal with at work. Being in pain was really not an option (but of course I get myself in trouble by doing a brick for 2 hours+, setting myself up, but hey you never know until you try...).

This morning I woke up and paused. 'How am I feeling right now?' I asked myself. I was no doubt pretty stiff, but i wasn't in pain. I was so amazed and so grateful. I got up, did some back and hip stretches and then i jumped in the shower.

I feel pretty good considering - i'm a little tired, a little tight on the right quads, but I am doing really well! What a great feeling!

Recovery is just as important as the workout itself - if not more.

Well, before I make any conclusions let's see how i feel tomorrow morning. :)

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