Friday, February 6, 2009

Half Marathon Video on PatientsLikeMe



Karyn said...

Hi Minnie, I love the video you look so happy. After my race I had to walk the 3 or so miles back to the car and i think that actually helped me. I have been some difficult issues with my hips, mostly the left one and I can't seem to get over the shin splits. My doctor told me not to run for the next two weeks and gave me some pills to take. I hope that will work, I have my next race on 3/15, 4.5 miles. I went out and got my stride analyzed and found more supportive shoes. I have been doing incline walking in the mean time. What have you been up to? Karyn

Minnie S. Lee said...


any improvements on your shin splins and hip pain? are you resting enough?