Friday, February 13, 2009

So...what's next?

I bit my tongue and registered for my first half ironman. Barb's Race, in Sonoma, CA on 8/1/09. I did promise myself last year that if I finish the long course triathlon without much pain I will do the half! so I had to keep my promise.

Official 20-week training program starts on March 19th.

Until then, I'm focusing on strength training for my legs and hips (until next week), doing long but low-impact aerobic workouts (elliptical, bike, swim) to build a base (starting the week after), or continue to build a base from all the running I did all winter.

Also, I've embarked on a weight-loss plan to lose 15 pounds in the next 2-3 months. I need to shed the weight I didn't lose from the run (i definitely ate a lot more than i was burning). I need to shed the weight to save my hip and also make it easier for me to climb those hills on the bike.

I'm enjoying sleeping a lot and not having to wake up as early. I'm going to enjoy that for a month. My body deserves a bit of a break.

I'll probably squeeze in a couple of sprint and/or olympic tri races in May and June. Or maybe just one. Haven't decided.

I was going over my training schedule last night and this morning. Interesting (i.e., daunting).


L. said...

Hey, I found you on the Tri group on Twitter. I'm also doing my first HIM, too! My training starts April 27.

Enjoy the rest-up until your plan starts!

Take care,
L. (ironmountaineer)

Small Town Small Times said...

I can't beleive how lucky I was to find your blog. I have done two tri's (sprint distance), and I was an advid runner until I started getting weird symptoms of pain and tingling. After five months of testing and bad pain, I've been diagonsed with fibro.
It's been devastating. There is very little good news out there. I cry whenever I see runners on the street. I asked my doctor if I could run again and he seemed reluctant.
I know I can exercise to tame this beast. But everyone seems to want to put me in a warm pool to do water aerobics. I can't do that while others are swimming laps in the pool next to me.
You have given me such hope. I'm going to be checking in regularly. Please keep updating so I can stay inspired!

Minnie S. Lee said...

Hi Small Town...
i'm honored to hear that you are happy to have found my blog!

I realized that doctors would say anything to save themselves from being blamed, or sued...they want to give you safe advice, which is fine by me... but i knew myself better and i kept trying. Right now, your body probably needs some easing in to do, some lifestyle changes, etc... i've definitely learned that i had to start from ground zero and build up from there, with lots of stretching and resting and warming up, etc etc... so just be patient and do what you can!