Monday, June 22, 2009

Patience is required!

I'm still waiting for this weight and pressure on my ankles and shoulders to dissipate... I was feeling a lot better yesterday, but not quite today. Frustrating. But I guess I have to be patient and hopeful. The fogginess is getting increasingly annoying but the more I think about it it's only going to make me feel worse - it's all stress inducing, isn't it???

The mantra is, stay patient, stay positive, just believe...I will be better at the right time. Kinda out of my control at this point.

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Small town Small times said...

Minnie - It's been a while since I checked in so I am really sorry to hear about your flare up. I just want to remind you that when I thought my life was over because I was in so much pain - your website, your words, got me through a very dark period. You were the only positive voice out there. Everyone was telling me I would never feel better...everyone but you. You will feel better -- it's just a matter of when. Your body is telling you to rest, slow down, take a breath. You will not lose much progress if you rest. You may in fact, find you are able to do more once you feel better. It's a flare up, but what flares up, must calm down. Cheers and get some rest. I'll be thinking of you!