Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another decent week of training

Thursday - 6 hour hike
Saturday - 3000 meter swim
Sunday - strength and conditioning.

Was supposed to have a long ride today but I had to delay to tomorrow due to the 4th holiday and a rather tired body after Thursday's long hike and Saturday's long swim. After tomorrow's ride, the rest of the week will be taper workouts.

4 weeks left. Nervous as heck. Just doing the best I can while preventing injuries and flareups.

A thank you to my dear friends who have offered their time to join me on the hike and the rides, which I couldn't have done alone. You know who you are.


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Pam said...

Good luck to deserve a great race!

I have to share - two weeks ago I couldn't swim one length of the pool due to pain and lack of coordination.

I got a trial membership at a health club and on Saturday, I swam 23 laps! I am so amazed, encouraged and excited. I'm going to run a 5K next week with very little preparation, just to get started.

Please keep up the inspiration and thank you for it!