Monday, July 5, 2010

Changing things up - Let's keep it Interesting!

I've been giving my hips a break. I've attempted to go back to cycling recently, only to end up with severe tightness in my hips, lower abdomen and hip flexors. The muscles are very weak, probably weakened from months of long hours at work. Sitting still in front of the computer for 10+ hours for two months is not good for anyone!

While focusing on conditioning and strengthening my hip area, I started changing things up a little bit. I picked up a new interest called surfing - i purchased my first longboard and have been splashing around in the ocean! I'm still struggling to catch a long ride, but i love being out in the water just having fun and getting a great work out paddling and carrying around a giant 9' board. Surfing is definitely more intense than slow and steady swimming, biking or running, but I think my health has improved to a point where i can handle some occasional intensity. That is an improvement i can be proud of! The consistent conditioning and strengthening work (none of them really involve much weight - most of it is all body weight and subtle movements, they have really strengthened my muscles and joints, unbelievable) has really helped me handle some of the ballistic and sudden movements without feeling intense pain later.

To be honest, i think the recent years of non-stop triathlon training has gotten me burned out a bit. My passion for tri's remain strong, but in order to continue my dream to finish an Ironman race one day, I feel like I needed a break from the routine training after completing the Escape from Alcatraz race. Instead, I'm really enjoying just being "active" and taking on some new challenges. A change in routine is always good - even in our diet, our workouts, pain management regimen, hobbies, etc. We can feel like we're stuck in a rut doing the same things over and when dealing with pain and fatigue, maybe we need to change things up a little once in a while so that we don't get bored of our routine and lose sight of our health!

I have a half-marathon race coming up in November 14, at Big Sur. I have about a month to focus on strengthening my hips to be ready to train for the race. Until then, i will continue to focus on conditioning and strength training and also enjoying some activities outside of the usual swim, bike and run. By August, my mind and body will be ready for some new level of training after a break from the routine - as it won't be routine anymore!

I've also been thinking about the next 12-18 months - November half marathon, maybe February my first full marathon, and then a year after that may be my first full Ironman???? A dream has been planted, so i know I have to execute. I love thinking about these things and anticipating something new. With that goal in mind, recovery now becomes even a greater priority.

What dream have you planted recently? Are you excited about it? Are you ready to execute, no matter what it takes? Just think of the day you will accomplish it! You are already be on your way to the finish line.

Hope you all had a happy 4th - we are blessed to be able to enjoy a holiday like this.


Ms. Fury said...

Minnie, thank you for sharing your experiences. It is one of the most positive accounts of this very frustrating illness that I've found so far, and very necessary for the community!

I've had Fibro for 6 years, and had my symptoms under pretty decent control for 4 years, until last August. I was very physically active before I was initially diagnosed, and got to about 80% back to normal before some severe stress in my life last year.

I am finally working my way back again, and reading what you have accomplished is more helpful than I can express. Thank you so much Minnie!!

~S~ said...

Hi! I have Chronic Lyme Disease...was diagnosed with Fibro over 10 years ago, but it took about 10 years to get the proper diagnosis. I did one Tri and LOVED it a couple of months before my diagnosis. I've now been in treatment for two years with still a LONG road ahead of me, but really want to try and train again. I swim when I can, running seems too hard and biking is in the middle. I'd love any suggestions you might have for training with a chronic illness...and getting started again. I can't stand being so stagnant, but I don't want to overdo it.

live well with Fibromyalgia said...

Minnie, I may be very new at blogging... but I am not new to the pain of Fibromyalgia. I have over 40 years of experience living with it.

I came across your blog and the thing that struck me about it was the fact that you also used physical activity to relieve the pain.

I am attempting my first blog but so far I've had 0 comments. Reading your has encouraged me to put myself out there in hopes of helping others.

Please check out my blog, it is a small beginning, and if you can help me with ideas on how to network please comment.

I would very much appreciate it.

Anyes Daskal

Fibro Chick said...

This is too good not to share, watch the video about how you can participate in a post-it note campaign on spreading encouragement and good cheer! AND promoting awareness of invisible illnesses!

Invisible Illness Awareness Week is Sep13th-19th this year.

Marie said...

Hi Minnie,
Love your blog. Caught your profile on "patientslikeme" and noticed you have been practicing a more healthy approch and lifestyle to combat fibro.

I have a question. Do you take any prescription meds? I gave up on them - the side effects were too severe and they seemed to strip down my body instead of support it. I have been doing what I suppose is technically called 'alternative' approach to my fibro. I just call it organic and healthy. :-) You know, diet, exercise, supplements, meditation, etc. I take it day by day and feel it is really helping me.

Reading about your success in your blog is very encouraging.

EmmaCat said...

hi! I just wanted to let you know, this is such a big inspiration for me. I'm 22, and I've had fibro since I was 19. I was in terrible shape but now I'm doing much better thanks to exercise, diet changes, and physical therapy. What makes your blog so important to me is that I used to do cross country and I'm thinking about trying to get into that again, along with going back to school and working. It's so great to see someone with fibro who's a triathlete! You've given me a lot of hope that I can conquer this illness and that it won't take my life away. Thank you so much for making this blog and sharing your story!