Saturday, January 29, 2011

16 miles longest run EVER

i'm mentally getting ready for my first 16-mile run ever.  

it's going to be very very tough, especially after 10 miles...but I will finish it, even if it requires me to walk some of's about getting the mileage in order to prepare for the 26.2 miles.  

it's amazing how i'm so nervous about 16 miles, but on race day i'm still going to have to run another 10 miles after that!  it's definitely hitting me more and more how tough this marathon is going to be.  therefore, I should prepare accordingly.

can't wait to update my blog tomorrow after the run is done!  what will i end up saying????


Blue Lou said...

Do you think when your nervous it kind of gears you up though? I have found when I am anxious about something I need to let that energy out in exercise.

Blue Lou said...

Love your blog! I nominated you for Stylish Blogger award, come pick it up at my blog.