Sunday, January 30, 2011

My first 16 Mile Run - I Surprised Myself!

I had one of those amazing run days.  Not just because I ran my longest distance to date, but all the more because it was one of those days where I felt like I could run forever (except for a few sharp pain in the hip here and there).

Yesterday, I did a 5 mile trail run with a friend - I was pretty sore from it this morning.  I slept in, took my time to loosen up, waited until I felt a bit more recovered.  I had debated postponing the 16 miler to tomorrow, but I knew there was no way I had 4 extra hours to dedicate to my already full day (all day work, evening networking event).  I had to just try it out and hope for the best.  

Here's a quick summary of my run, from pre-run prep to post-run care.

Pre-run Prep

  • Power breakfast:  steel-cut oatmeal + 10g protein powder (whey) + 1 tablespoon of Almond butter + fresh blackberries = nutrition and yummy taste!  
  • Coffee
  • Hydration and fuel prep:  Water, Heed mix, and pasty mix of Perpetuem in a flask (and on to my fuel belt)
  • Dynamic stretching and warmup
  • Mental prep
  • Miles 1-4:  from home to the Marina.  cloudy but no rain.  a bit of a wind.  easy strides, not even thinking how many more miles to go, as it would only discourage me
  • 5-8: back towards home.  started drizzling around mile 6.  left glute slightly starting to hurt.  took forever to find the right fit with the left shoe - adjusted shoe laces at least 6 times
  • Stop at home, refill water and change into something warmer, as I was freezing for some reason
  • 8-12: rain starts POURING down as I run back out.  however, only lasts about 10 minutes, then drizzle, mile 9, sunshine.  still windy.  around mile 10, a bit of dizziness started bugging me, feeling a little nauseous... went away in about 15 minutes. left glute really starting to hurt.  
  • 12-16: kinda in disbelief that i'm still able to run, while appreciating the 1 minute walk breaks every so often to stretch out my hips.  at mile 13.3ish, my left hip (in the back) snapped and almost felt like the joint repositioned itself or something.  It was painful, but it was quick.  calves were really burning, piriformis (both butt cheeks) were HURTING.  However, amazingly, I was able to pick up speed in the last mile, up to my first 4 mile speed!  I didn't understand where I was getting all this energy.  I could have gone 2 more miles if I were forced to.  Unbelievable feeling of joy and surprise as I finished.
Post-run Stuff

  • Recoverite:  has protein and glutamine, helps muscle recovery.  the chocolate taste doesn't hurt!  Hammer Nutrition products have been so amazing for me - love their quality products (Heed and Perpetuem are also Hammer products)
  • Rewarding myself with my favorite Triple Berry Cake from Sweet Lady Jane!  Our bodies can absorb and burn off pretty much whatever we eat within its first 20 minute window after an intense workout.  I took advantage of that window :)
  • Coffee - caffeine eases the pain
  • Stretch - hamstrings, calves, hip flexors, quads...
  • Ice - on those hips!
  • Hot shower
I couldn't contain the surprise and joy I was feeling from today's run.  Another milestone, but this time achieved under superb conditions.  I hydrated regularly, I refueled every 30-45 minutes, I started slow and maintained consistency, I just thought about the finish...not when I would finish, but that I will finish, I will not give up, and that I'll be so happy when i'm done.  And so it happened.  

My muscles are definitely more sore than my usual runs - I ran harder, and I ran the longest.   It reminds me of how sore I was after my first half marathon nearly 4 years ago.  I've come a long way.

Had fresh veggies and lean chicken and beef for dinner - and drank a lot of water throughout the evening.  

Next weekend is 18 miles.  I can definitely do it!!!

Usually fatigue reaches its max 2 days after a big event - at least for me.  Tomorrow I'll be ok, but Tuesday could get a bit challenging.  If there are any random changes, I will update...until then, I will just enjoy the awesome memories from today's unexpected triumph.

Good night


Erica said...

Congrats again, so happy for you!
Just a suggestion with the fueling--I've actually found that if I take in smaller amounts more frequently, I tend to avoid the dizziness/nauseous feeling... if you're putting your fuel in a bottle/flask vs taking gels, this is so much easier to do! Even when I used to do gels, I'd empty 'em all into one flask and just sip that with water from aid stations (or bottle on training runs).

You did great, you nailed it...can't wait to hear how next weekend goes! Get your rest!


Minnie S. Lee said...

Thanks Erica! Yeah i think the second "sip" I took of the perpeteum paste out of the flask was a big dose, which accidentally happens when you're running and you put too much pressure on your hands, etc... :D

but let me tell you, that thing helped me keep going!!!

thanks always for your support. it means so much.

Blue Lou said...

Congrats on the big run! Ive been keeping up with you on the blog and knew you'd finish with flying colors! I am still working on my small workouts to get to the point of running any amount of miles.

I showed my husband your routine because he is intense with workouts like you, he is doing a whey protein too, my brother had told us about it. Whats Heed mix? What does it do? I can only hope to run that much in a day!

Blue Lou said...

Oh so does it give you a little more energy you think when you have during the run?
Have you tried Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro Whey? My brother suggested it to us and my husband has been using it and now I tried it tonight after working out with unsweetened almond milk, it was amazing! Im super picky so Im scared to spend lots of money on a small bit of mixes of whatnot because then if I cant get it down, its such a waste! Do you like the taste of the ones you talked about?

I agree about doing too much too quickly... I am trying not to but I have SO much weight to lose Im anxious about it. I am making all the dietary changes more concrete though, found out I have a gluten sensitivity as well, so trying all new things!

Again, I hope to be able to do the quality and quantity of workouts you do, Im jealous!

Drink said...

That is awesome that you have been able to do so well and run so far even with fibromyalgia. My heart goes out to you. My wife and her sister have been in a lot of pain. Her sister was diagnosed with fybromyalgia. They found an amazing product called Green2o that gave them the micronutrients and ‘greens’ that their bodies were lacking. They feel better then they ever have before. Check out and I know this will help if you try it for 30 days, which they have a money back guarantee on. I hope this helps you too, which I completely believe it will because it has helped thousands of people.

Blue Lou said...

hey I hope youre doing ok, havent heard anything from you for a while.

I nominated you for a blog award, hope to see more from you soon!

Calling In Fibro said...

Hi Minnie
Your blog inspires me. I was recently diagonosed and am or was, an active 30 something living in the mountains of Colorado hiking, snowboardng, rafting, camping etc. surfing in my home state of CA. I would love the opportunity to chat with you about some tips and even products (im buying a bicycle for moutain road rids) that you find give you most comfort and ease and moslty balane. I am newly married, just diagnosed a month ago and in the dark, but really severe infectious fibro. i'd love your suggestions to kicking some fibro butt and gettng strong and in control and my life back!
you may email if you'd like.I also freind requested you on FB from Jill Musick.
Thanks for the inspiration, you are the only light at the end of the tunnel I have seen so far. And its a britgh one.