Sunday, April 17, 2011

**A Renewed Heart and Mind – With a Little Help from My Friends**

A lot of new beginnings lately, and I’m excited.  These beginnings all have their respective goals, and I’m dashing towards them.  Whether I will get there or not, I will never know until I try, but with a little help from my friends and a little extra help from above (or around, from the universe, whichever you believe) I know somehow someway I will get there.  Actually, with more friends, the easier it gets.

  •  A new career:  as previously mentioned in my earlier posts, I left my last job mid-March, seeking for an opportunity that I know both my passion and skillset will flourish in (think smaller, more hands-on, working to build, not just working to process).  I have been meeting tons of people, from recruiters to entrepreneurs, getting their insight, pitching the vision for my new career, sharing my excitement and learning more and more what my future could be.  There is definitely a lot of self-driven research going on, but my friends have been amazingly supportive and helpful in this process – not only with daily encouragements and genuine well wishes, but with connecting me with people they know and educating me about everything I don’t know.  I know I still have ways ahead and what I’m looking for is going to take a little longer than just finding the next *job*, but I know that I will find that extra special something in due time.  The challenge is to stick to my belief and not cave to lower hanging fruits when things feel desperate. 
  • A new race:  One of the races I aim to complete this year is the Vineman Aquabike, which is a 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike race in Sonoma, CA.  It will take place on July 30.  This is a whole new training and racing paradigm for me.  Training can be daunting, especially on the long bike rides, but thanks to my friends who love to ride I know I will never be alone on the road.  Furthermore, I know at those moments when I feel like I can’t go on anymore, I know it will be my friends that will help me get through it and accomplish my training goals…and eventually my race goals.
  •  A new team, new initiative: This year, I had the honor of being invited by a friend and fellow cyclist to join the local Team Luna Chix cycling group.  Basically, Team Luna Chix ( aims to “brings together women interested in learning new sports, staying active and inspiring others to do the same. Teams train together and support each other, while also fundraising for LUNA’s non-profit partner, the Breast Cancer Fund.”  You gotta check it out!  It didn’t take that much time for me to join the team, and a couple of weeks ago, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the National Summit Weekend of Team Luna Chix, where women from all over the country who have joined the team gathered to learn more about the cause and our responsibilities as ambassadors for the sports we each represent (Mountain biking, cycling, running, triathlons).  Being a part of this group took my involvement in the sport to another level (e.g. impacting the community, getting involved on a national level, etc), I think – I will have a team that I will ride with and participate in races with, while fundraising for a great charitable organization (The Breast Cancer Fund) together and recruiting more people out there to join the healthy and active lifestyle I so cherish.  A band of friends that make a difference!  Now that is an exciting initiative!!!

Am I bragging about how many great friends I have?  No (I mean, yes I have some AMAZING friends, but I can brag about them perhaps another time) – my point here is that whatever I’m doing, I am not doing it alone.  I’m not alone in this.  I can achieve the things I never thought were possible, I can get through moments that feel daunting and scary, and I can just keep trying doing whatever I aim to accomplish – thanks to my friends that are there with me every step of the way!  Just look around and reach out – your real friends will reach right back out to you. 

Your battle with fibromyalgia – although at times you may feel that you’re on your own on this, but the truth is, you’re not alone.  Look around you – they may not ever fully understand what you’re going through (but do you really want them to?), but you have your family, your friends, and even… strangers that you may have just met, that might just want to be there and give you a smile (that makes a HUGE difference).  And when you feel that there is no one around you, instead of feeling shut out, just reach out – you will be surprised by the outcome of it.  I have learned that I end up alone or feeling alone because it is me that shuts others out – not because people just straight out avoid me for no particular reason.  When I started seeing the magic unfold when I reach out instead of waiting for someone to find me, it encouraged me more to extend my arms and heart and meet more people that ended up becoming important parts of my life of healing…. We are not alone.  You are not alone.  With a little help of our friends, you, me – we, can tackle this thing together.  


Blue Lou said...

Encouraging words!

Eno Hiker said...

Thanks for a great blog. You inspired me to look past the limitations of my fibro and instead go out there and see just what I CAN do. Yesterday, I finished my first triathlon. You planted a wonderful seed and I'm very, very grateful. Thank you.

Minnie S. Lee said...

Dear Eno Hiker -

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am humbled by your had everything to do with your accomplishments, so you're so welcome. I'm very very happy and excited for you.