Friday, April 8, 2011

Taking control of my time

Ok real quick lesson learned today... never ever will I ever take calls when I know I have a whole set of prep and training to do. Never. I must take control of my time, not postpone training times without discretion.

I can always call people back, but when the pool closes or you forget something crucial (e.g. A swimsuit!) from packing while on the phone (distraction!) and you dont have time to go back and return, it really isn't anybody's fault but my own.

I pay the price by having to get up super early tomorrow to finish today's training before my ride, at which I will end up inconveniencing my teammates by being 15 minutes late.

Never again. I need to stop trying to be everything for everybody. If I am not well I cannot do anything for anybody.


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Blue Lou said...

Very true. You go girl!

Calling In Fibro said...

Hey Minnie
I'd like to ask you a question or two-I just got Dxed and am finding a lot of comfort in your blog. I'd love to find out some specifics about your exercise program. Any chance you could shoot me a message back? I also sent you an FB request, as I could not message you. Look forward to hearing from you if you have the time. I'd rather not post my emai here if I can send you a private msg that'd be great. Jill