Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lake Tahoe America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride - 72 miles tomorrow

I'm in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  It is rainy and cold (in the 40's).  It is said that this weather will continue tomorrow, combined with thunderstorms.  

Drove from LA, which meant driving 6.5 hrs to San Francisco, stayed over night with friends (and slept very poorly) and then drove another 4 hours in the pouring rain and traffic (stressful!) to Lake Tahoe, as fatigue and my pre-existing cold system only got worse along the way.  So easy to just set myself up for discouragement.  

Cold and rainy means stiff muscles and dangerous road conditions.  I am quite fearful of the worst things that could happen, as this course includes quite steep up and downhills.  On a wet, slippery road, one must caution BIG TIME especially on downhill turns.  

As i am about to go to sleep, I try to calm my mind not to worry, put my faith forward and just do my best to be safe out there and not get arrogant.  I do the best i can, I stay thankful that I have made it here safely and I get to ride along one of the most beautiful lakes in America.  I am tempted to back out without even trying.  So tempted.  But I will not.  

I will start.  I will put on my cycling gear, rain gear, put together my nutrition and hydration package (it's a production!) and just start.  And then deal as difficulties come - and enjoy as I ride with friends and appreciate the scenery.  I will not let fear of the unknown, or the illusion of what could go wrong, stop me.  I will remember that I am not just doing this for myself, but to those who have not yet started their adventure into healing...and I pray that my attempt tomorrow will encourage you a little more to start your path to less pain...and ultimately an awesome life that we are all supposed to live.

It's June and there is snow all around me!  Unbelievable!  

Unless is torrential downpour, I'm going to start this!  Let's go ( bed, for now)!

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