Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick Nutrition Stuff during Training Ramp-up Periods

Lately my training has been ramping up as I get closer to my Vineman Aquabike race... Just wanted to note some of the nutritional supplements I have been taking more regularly recently:

  • Vitamin C - heavy loads of working out can weaken our immune system as our vitamins and minerals get depleted.  Don't want to get sick, and also V-C is known to strengthen your capillaries so I take them to not only keep my immune system strong but also to prevent frequent bruising
  • Calcium - learned a good lesson from my fractured shin bone that I need to take calcium supplements, especially as I am getting older (egh)  
  • Iron - fatigue from long workouts are largely due to iron deficiency, and my anemia already has me at low iron levels.  Gotta replenish frequently
Additionally, my diet has been even more strict, loading up on fresh vegetables and fruits and eating lean protein.  I have not had even a glass of wine in about 2 months and I feel great.  Sweets are limited to dark chocolate once in a while so that I don't deprive myself of anything, which causes me to binge at times.

Yesterday I managed to complete a hilly 65-mile bike ride (after last weekend's flat 60 miler), and tomorrow I am swimming 4000 meters...this is going to ramp up to 6 hours of bike riding (around 80-90 miles) and over 5000 meters of swimming over the next two weeks.  Kinda scary, but I am taking cautious measures to make this work, including having rest or yoga days every other day, allowing myself enough time to recover and rest between workouts, and keeping a very regular sleep schedule.  

Tomorrow I begin training for the NYC marathon (11/6) in parallel with the continued Aquabike (7/30) training.  Should be interesting to see how it all plays out together.  Because, I am my own guinea pig.  Happily so.

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