Saturday, September 22, 2012

Peak2Peak - Another Way to Appreciate San Francisco...and my Health

Last weekend I participated in what I would call a "endurance adventure walk."  The WalkSF organization ( hosted an event called Peak2Peak, which is a 14-mile walk around and through the city's 10 peaks (e.g. Twin Peaks, Mt. Sutro, the Legion of Honor), starting from the Mission, ending at the Golden Gate Park.  I had never walked 14 miles straight before.  Sounded interesting, with the risk of being quite boring (bc it is 14 miles of walking!).  10 Peaks?  I know of 4, What are the other 6?  I was curious, and it kinda felt like an endurance event that I could enjoy and not stress about (and not have to train for, yey), so I signed up.  It was awesome!!!

The whole thing must have taken about 6 hours, including stops and lunch break, etc.  There was plenty of climbing, stairs, backstreet navigating, and even muddy trails!  Right in the heart of SF!!  And they were all walkable somehow...fascinating learning experience of the nooks and crannies of this already awesome city.  Towards mile 10, I was definitely sore, although I only walked, didn't run at all.  I must have walked so fast in the last two miles just to end the pain sooner, because somehow me and my friends ended up being three of the first six people to finish the walk.  

Throughout the course, I got to chat with other people that participated in the event (something you can't do during races), and I learned that there were more people that had health issues (arthritis, chronic pain, back pain, you name it) than those that did not - how awesome!  I mean, not that they were in pain was awesome, but those people who didn't have the perfect health were there - to stay active and healthy and to really appreciate the ability to be walking around, despite their limitations.  Now I could certainly relate to them and was so grateful to be around such inspiring people!  It was funny to see actually, that the healthier people were the ones that were bigger complainers or just weren't enjoying it as much.  Hmmm, I wonder why?  Man, we so take for granted the the good things we got going in life, let me tell you.  To those who can walk and run all the time, those are just another activity.  To those that have frequent days of the lack of ability and strength to even take a few steps, a long walk day thru nature and culture is a blessing and a gift!  

Maybe pain breeds joy....quite indirectly and in a roundabout way.  But there is meaning behind every pain.  Perhaps I can make it count.


Steve said...

Wow, this is a great blog. I have been looking for something encouraging for people with Fibro who want to continue being active and not give up. I got sick a year ago and was diagnosed with Fibro and a few other issues five months ago. I was an avid cyclist, and loved working out. Once I was able to start moving around again I was told to avoid any exercise becuase I was presenting as a cardio-pulmonary case at first. Now I am refocused on cycling and my wife surprised me with a new Trek Madone (she's so awesome!). Can you give some training tips? I have a real issue with the push-crash cycle. I just can't seem to remember I am not who I used to be. Thanks for your example to follow! Keep it up,

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Andrea Laura said...

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Katherine said...

Hi Minnie, I just wanted to let you know that just 6 months ago, during the darkest days of my fibro, with turbulence all around me, with my dad diagnosed with possible dementia, and with the end of an ill-fated relationship, I pulled so much inspiration from your blog and finally committed to doing the triathlon--something I'd only dared to consider before seeing that you'd done it over and over again. I'm racing this Sunday. Thank you!!! ~Katherine

ggg ggg said...

Hi Minnie

I hope you are doing well. I miss your updates. You should be proud you have been and inspiration for me. I did 4 triathalons with Fibro after being inspired by you and had 3 good years , an infection set me back and I am no longer able to do them but for a time it was great.

You will forever be a " a bad ass to me" for you Alcatraz escape, Wow you go girl. This is impressive to me and I did some of the big Tri's like Nsutica. You rock, bets of luck.!!!

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