Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another 6 months passed...

Ok, ok, I'm back. 

I really don't know what exactly happened before I had to take a break from running again, but I did.  I think my heart just grew far from it all, and I just wanted to enjoy being active instead of always being the mode of "training".  I went on more hikes, commuted 95% of the time on foot, taking brisk walks, and did a lot of stair workouts to strengthen my glutes.  Living in San Francisco definitely provided me with a lot of great stairs and hill climbing opportunities - and I love it!  This city is filled with fun walks and great views.  I am thoroughly enjoying my life here.

It's been just over a year since I moved to San Francisco.  I moved again though just recently, to a different neighborhood, where I have more exposure to the northern beach area, with great rides and runs.  Just recently I started running a bit again, only because I am so close to the run to the Marina, through Fort Mason.  It is just too beautiful not to run around here.  

Until recently, so much of my exercises were performance-based.  I think more and more my exercises are becoming joy-based.  I definitely feel the pressures of having to stay fit and active to be healthy, but nowadays I think I do it more because I truly love being outside and seeing the beauty this city has to offer.  After a nice run around the city on Saturday mornings, I would often stop by the farmer's market at the Ferry Building and bring home fresh fruits.  All my errands nowadays are done on foot, as I'm only a few blocks away from Trader Joe's and the pharmacy!  Walking is such a blessing, and with a lot of walking on your legs, I think I started developing a natural fondness towards running - while before, running was that really hard workout that needed to be done because it was the finishing leg of a triathlon!  :)

There is a public pool very close to my new place too - and with my injuries behind me and a renewed appreciation for my life, I'm thinking of training again for triathlons - but this time with joy and a fresh new mission.  I worked so hard over the past years to prove MYSELF, that I could do it against the general belief that people with chronic pain could not participate in endurance races.  But I have proven enough.  Now it is time for me to just...enjoy and share my joyful experiences with others.  I'm still not sure how I'm going to manage my time, but I do miss racing and I do find it in my heart to train again.  

For a while I told myself, well, maybe I'm done with the crazy training and racing.  Life's too busy anyway, and I have so many other new adventures in my life to pursue - however, I was reminded recently (while I was listening to Nick Vujicic's Life Without Limits audiobook - I definitely recommend!) that my passion for training and completing triathlons is still burning inside my heart.  Injuries discouraged me and my fatigue from all the clock-work discipline had me mentally shut down from training, but today, I felt like God reminded me that my passion was not dead, and that I can start the next stage.  

What is the next stage?  I have no idea!  All I know is that I'm going to do things a bit differently - to take the focus off of myself, but to do all this to serve others by sharing my joy and gratitude.  I will start slowly, of course, and go about this with a humble heart, but continue to dream big.  I did once dream of finishing an Ironman, didn't I?  Will I pursue that?  Maybe, maybe not.  One thing is for sure - I'm looking forward to where this would take me.

I'm going to go look for races to sign up for now.  :)

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