Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another great article regarding weight loss

To my parents who've told me growing up that I have the "Lee family's thick legs" to make me accept the way I look while feeding me fast food, donuts and fried vegetables (what was the point of that?), ummm... thank you for all the comfort (yet lifelong psychological baggage)...

Changes come from us, and it is our own responsibility to make that change. And there is no easy way.

God bless you all and may he give us the strength to keep going (assuming that we are all doing our part to get decent rest, I don't want to sound like a total type-A slave-driver)!


jodi said...

I'm still tuning in to your blog. I have had a really bad week mostly because a physical therapist ran me into the ground by pushing me too hard. I suspect he doesn't really believe in fibro as anyhing more than a reason to complain/not exercise. If he only knew!

I had to take two days off and basically lay in bed. I still trying to get back to regular exercise beyond my 30 minute walks (4-5 times a week).

Can you tell me more about how you got started? I've read your archives and can't find when you first began.

How did you start strength training?

I am having a serious time staying positive. I went on a field trip for my daughter's class. Sitting for three hours has put me under today as well. I seem to be getting worse.

If you want to contact me directly, please leave a comment on my blog ( and I can email you back. I can't use the email prompt on your blog. For some reason, I can't get through.

Glad you are out there kicking it. You give me such hope.

Minnie S. Lee said...

hi jodi:

i got started exactly how you are doing right now. walking, just keep walking until i felt too bored to just walk anymore.

your experience is not surprising so please don't be alarmed. i learned through my experiences of pushing too hard and being out for a couple of days. and guess what, I still do that! it is discouraging, but you will never know your limits and capabilities until you try. However, the basic rule of every training is to start slow/light/easy. then once that gets too easy, move up a bit. and then adjust as necessary.

you can go back to your PT and tell him that what he had you do was too much, so ease the difficulty a little. then see how you feel in a week or two and then upgrade. it's not his fault, really, and it's nobody's fault. he just did what he normally does to his patients. however, you have complete control and you have the right to ask him to ease up or you can easily fire him and look for another PT.

i have been getting into a new weight training program, and this weekend i suffered hugely after weeks of strenuous muscle usage had built up. i was hurting. but i know that once i get back to the gym i will have gotten much stronger, so i can just lighten up just a TAD bit and go from there.

i don't have science to my methodology - as i have said in my previous blog, this is all by trial and error. I went thru numerous failures, but they were worthwhile, at least to me. and I go through them to this day, just with less frequency and to a lesser degree. don't be scared of the flareups! it's just a sign that you should ease up and try again, not a sign that it was wrong and therefore you should quit.

also, on days you feel so out and in pain, I would recommend dragging yourself out of bed and stretch passively - literally, just sit or lie down and stretch out as if you're yawning with your entire body. do that like 10 times, you will feel a bit more movable.

also, i would like to ask what you're eating. and how you're sleeping. there are a lot of foods that you can eat that would help your situation. things to avoid ABSOLUTELY are sugar and unhealthy fats. no processed foods.

hope you read this. please don't get discouraged! you gotta keep getting up again!

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