Friday, March 20, 2009

First group ride of the season tomorrow!

Last night's swim plans got scrapped because I committed to go on my first group ride of the season this Saturday morning (tomorrow!). Instead I went home and spun on the trainer for about an hour. It was hard but I had some easy spins intermittenly so that I wouldn't suffer today. Legs were nicely sore this morning. Thank God - no uncomfortable, burning pain. Left hip flexor is still pretty tight but I'm loosening it up frequently.

I'm a bit nervous about my group ride tomorrow - i know i'm going to be slow but I managed to find some self-proclaimed slow people in the group. I know i have to start braving these rides and keep doing them so that I can get better. Last year i had very few group rides, but thanks to my friend Susan she always managed to find the time to ride with me so I wouldn't be completely alone on the road. This year, I want to expand my eeeeasy rider's group! I know there are so many people out there who get intimidated by big group rides with super fast cyclists. :)

It's Friday - time to get home and relax, physically and mentally prepare for the ride tomorrow. It should be fun more than anything. If i think too much i'm going to end up totally bailing at the last minute. then I'd feel so bad about myself for days being such a copout.

have a great weekend everyone!


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