Thursday, March 19, 2009

One day at a Time...

Tuesday I did my first swim workout. I was really concerned about my ability to do it all, but since I was meeting with a swimming partner I had to push myself to show up and do the workouts. 2,000 meters done, thanks to my friend's encouragement! I was pretty sore the day after, but I stretched a lot and drank my FRS to get some energy.

I managed through the day on Wednesday, not feeling so sure about doing another workout after work - when I got home at a decent hour (around 7p) I felt the urge to get on the bike trainer and do a 40-50 minute spin. I observed my posture carefully, making sure I was using my core to keep my back protected, didn't go too hard for too long not to overwork my hips. I kept my cadence around 70-80 rpm, depending on the resistance levels. Overall, I got a refreshing workout in and got my heart rate going.

I don't think I have been eating enough carbohydrates since the training started so I've changed my protein/carbs/fat intake from 40%/30%/30% to around 30-35%/35-40%/30%. not having enough carbs while doing all these cardiovascular exercises, I realized, puts me in a moody place. Not fun. While I've increased some of my calorie intake, I haven't changed it drastically. My goal is still to lose some weight - which has been going nicely by the way.

Tonight i'm meeting with my swim partner again to do another workout. Having a workout buddy REALLY helps, especially when I'm tempted to just not do it. and it makes me push myself harder during the workouts.

Tomorrow I will most likely have a rest day, looking ahead of the weekend training. I am still being cautious, don't want to ramp up too much.

I am realizing more and more that I would have to have two rest days during the week instead of the usual one that every training program recommends. One on Monday, the other on Friday. I think that works for me.

Left hip a little tight today since the bike yesterday, but foam rolling last night after the spin really helped a lot with my calves and upper quads.

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