Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Thank you soooooo much for all your amazing comments. You all inspire me to keep going and stay strong in the toughest times! The fact that you take the time to read my silly writings and then go even further to write something so kind and encouraging...means so much to me. THANK YOU.

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Kim said...


I am so impressed about the way you have managed your Fibromyalgia. My aunt suffers from this horrible illness and has filed for Disability because her symptoms are so bad. She too had good days and bad days but of late her flare up has been really bad. When she first started the Lyrica she felt great and thought she might be on her road of recovery and life was good again and now at this time she is having a really hard time and she does take vicoden for the pain and it helps her sleep.

I will continue to follow your progress perhaps there might be some insight on how she could better manage her pain.

Thank you again for sharing your days .