Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Keep Trying, keep trying....and wake up one day BETTER!

I have to go to bed soon because i have to get up at 430am tomorrow to squeeze in a hill run and a swim before work, BUT i have to just give a quick update because I am totally having an epiphany.

The past couple of months, it's been a tug of war between good days and bad days. Back pain, hip pain, neck pain, fatigue, lack of sleep, inconsistent training days, etc... you name, it, you've read them and dang i remember every single day of them!

As I was planning my morning (the aforementioned crazy workout plan) just about an hour or so ago, I realized that despite the ups and downs and frustrating days of pain and fatigue in all sorts of rainbow variety to date, whatever small and seemingly pathetic moves I made actually accumulated into something last Sunday I ran my FASTEST 5K race to date (it was uphill half of the time too!), then I even went for a mile swim the same day, then ran yesterday morning for 50 minutes no problem, and yes, still hip and back pain here and there but quite manageable! WHAT THE HECK somehow I got there! BACK ON TRACK! Ok I'm not excited right now, at all.....

So I guess the point i'm trying to make here is that...for those of you trying all sorts of things to make yourselves better, don't give up! Keep on doing what you're doing, make revisions if necessary, just keep trying...just keep on keeping on....keep trying...again and again...and you just NEVER know, you might, no no no, you WILL wake up on the other side! Don't let go of your hope and belief that what you put in will bear fruit! It just has to happen. It just has to.

OK must go to bed now! Good night and God bless!

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