Monday, January 26, 2009

The Countdown

1/26/09 D-6
Went for a quick 30 minute run. Ok, somebody explain this to me. How come, just yesterday I couldn't even land on my left foot because of my hip pain, yet this morning, I was running just fine with some tightness towards the end of the run? How can things change just overnight? I mean, thank God it did, but I'm a little confused. Granted, I spent most my afternoon yesterday on the foam roller and using *The Stick* to rub down my hips and legs, but what a drastic change (i'm not complaining, i'm not complaining)!!!

Pain was pretty severe in the morning in the office, but now it's manageable. I'm still trying to figure out why i've been in so much pain lately.

1/28/09 D-4
Had a great stretching session on Power Plate this morning. My body so needed that relief - my hips feel a lot looser. I'm going again to meet with my trainer Friday, to do a final fluff-up-those-muscles session.

Pain has subsided greatly. I have been taking heavy loads of vitamin B complex pills, which seem to be helping me with the energy levels. Been sleeping like a rock (thanks to Total Sleep).

My mind is now psyched about the race. Still nervous, but more excited, not as terrified as I was this past week.

1/29/09 D-3
Moderate pace run for 30 minutes. Did some final speed work at the end (30 seconds at incresing speed to maximum, 1 minute cool down, repeat 4 times), stretched and that was it. During the run, the right foot and inner-knee area (kinda the lower end of the adductors) were hurting, tried fixing my landing, but hey that's just going to have to fix itself magically on race day at this point. Post-run, left hip is back to normal (i think), right hip is a bit tight while sitting. Really looking forward to my Power Plate session tomorrow.

3 Days! Really??

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