Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mental Prepping.

My half marathon race is exactly a week away, on the morning of Super Bowl Sunday.

I tried running 5 miles this morning. Very unfortunately, my left hip was tight and I was in too much pain. Argh. I have no idea what happened here, because it has always been my right that have caused me problems, although I did have a couple of days of left-hip weakness. Perhaps I was focusing too much on my right and my left has been the compensator. I don't know. I tried pushing through but my left hip only felt worse - so I had to just bite my tongue, swallow my ego and walk back home. Discouraging.

I have been home, reading positive messages from my favorite books, meditating/praying (i consider them the same thing), and visualizing in my head how i will finish the race next week. What I need to do is focus on loosening up my tight muscles and getting my mind together to prep for the race. I figured, even if I ran today it wasn't going to contribute to making me any faster or stronger, especially at this point of the game. I've done my work, and I have a week to keep my heartrate going via short 30-40 min runs, to tighten some loose ends and just focus on the positive.

It has been an exhausting week from 12-14 hour work days, all week long. I was exhausted on Saturday, and I'm feeling a bit better. I need to store up my energy, be smart and be prepared. Ok, at this point I sound like a broken record.

I am pretty nervous about this race. I am excited to be out there with my friends and doing my first half marathon in 2 years since the hip injury. If I can maintain a slow start for the first 30 minutes, manage the pain (i.e. take advil around mile 6) and just keep myself distracted from the pressure, I will be ok.

Pray for me people, I know that I have never finished any of my races on my own might. I promise to remember that this race is not for myself, but for all those who suffer too much from the pain and cannot freely move as much as they would like to. I definitely know what that feels like - and I look forward to crossing that finish line and giving this pain a goooood kick in the butt!


Karyn said...

Hi Minnie, I am sending you all the positive energy I have for your race on Sunday. I am running my first race on this Sunday also, but not nearly the size of yours. I am going attempting a 5K. I still can not run the whole thing, the pain in my legs gets far to much for me to keep going. I have started spending much more time stretching and I am now doing the ice/heat treatment, I hope that helps. I have also learned I need to take at least a day between work-outs. I will take two days before this race on Sunday.

Best of wishes for you. Karyn

Minnie S. Lee said...

Have a great time at the race Karyn!!!! Who cares if you have to walk - I recommend that you Run for 5 minutes/walk for 1 minute intervals. You might just feel a lot better and even have the strength to finish while running.

I doubt I will run the entire 13 miles myself! It's about finishing without paying the consequences. I payed hard two years ago an went through a year long physical therapy train wreck.