Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some Facts FYI.

I have been getting some questions about my training methods, philosophy, running speed, etc... Please allow me to list several not so exciting facts about my lack-of-athleticism:

1. My running speed is anywhere from 9 - 13 minute per mile. On average I hang out around 11/12, while I mix in some 9/10 minute milers periodically for about a minute or two. When I mix in walks when I'm injured, forget it, i don't even look at my timing. I really don't care.

2. I stretch for at least 10 mintues before AND after a run, or any kind of exercise. Even if means I have to cut out actual training time. I'd rather be safe than injured.

3. I warm up at least 10 mintues before i start running, that is AFTER i stretch. So in order for me to do a 30 minute quick run, I still need to time at least and hour and 15 minutes (10/15 min stretch + 10/15 minute warm up + 30 minute run + 5 minute cool down + 10 minute stretch).

4. I get up at 5am - 6am every morning. almost every. In peak training season (summer), 430am sometimes. Yes, I'm a freak.

5. I don't run with big groups, because I'm way too slower than everybody else. It only frustrates me and discourages me to run with people that have no idea what my body requires, and I am not going to overdo it to keep up with them and pay huge later. I bike with a small group that is still faster than I am but not too much faster. I acknowledge and accept my realities and train within those boundaries, with the hope that I could catch up with others in the near future.

6. I don't mind training alone. Without music. There is a lot to focus on (technique, posture, things to do, people to call, day dreaming, etc.) to keep me going. However, bike rides are an exception, I do need a riding buddy. It's safer and more fun. Oh yeah, and ocean swims too. Please do not ever go out ocean swimming alone.

7. I'm slow, I get passed all time. It's ok. I can still finish a race, while 80% of the population is still sleeping or just getting up.

8. I take pride in my training and races. No matter how small or slow i may seem to others. However, I do have massive respect for those who are naturally athletic and doing something with it.

9. I do my homework - I read about pre and post training nutrition, I learn about the science behind fibromyalgia, I read articles about athletes and what they do to stay fit and focused, etc...

10. I listen to my body. If it doesn't want to do something, I modify my plan and do something else, or not do it at all.

11. Most importantly: I don't rush. I keep trying to find the right solution. All I have learned so far is through trial and error. I think in months and years, not in days or weeks. This is a life-long endeavor.

Have a wonderful day.


Karyn said...


Thank you for your post today. I have started working on my stretching but really don't know the best way to do it. Can you recommend a web site or a video or something that can help me with proper stretching?


Minnie S. Lee said...

hi Karyn: please read my latest post regaring stretching. I've listed the key areas that require stretching, so all you have to do is google it and you will find more than you need with regards to information!

another great source is Runner's magazine (online available). Also, I highly recommend a book called Running for Mortals. it's such a great, methodical and motivational book.